Bringing Up Puppy Series

by Perfect Puppy Care

Written by Lisa Scott

My family and I are first time puppy owners, sharing the joy of our new family member with our two children in upstate New York. Since this is new to us, there’s lots to learn, loads of fun to be had and surely some mistakes we’ll make along the way. And I’ll be sharing it all with you here on twice a week. So read along and find out which puppy we choose, if the dog gets along with the new kitten, if the kids really help out as promised and if the puppy changes our family forever. I’d love t hear your comments, questions and advice along the way.

If you have missed any articles in the series, you can find them here (listed chronologically):

1) Getting Ready for the Dog Days

2) Decisions, Decisions

3) Getting Closer…

4) Hello, Puppy

5) Cleaning House

6) What’s in a Name?

7) Welcome Home, Little Doggy

8) Hungry Like a Lab

9) Two Weeks Later

10) How Much is That Doggy in the Window?

11) Second Thoughts

12) Who’s Training Who?

13) On the Same Page

14) Counting My Chickens Too Soon

15) 20 Questions for My Puppy

16) In the Summer Time

17) The Crazies

18) Hello, Stranger

19) Two Steps Back

20) Cats and Dogs – Two Very Different Beasts

21) Bigger Dog, Bigger Problem

22) Two Months In – How’s the Cat Girl Doing?

23) A Big Oops

24/25) Second Thoughts II and Making Up

26) The Dog Whisperer

27) Tricks and Treats

28) Holding Tight

29) Weird Dog Questions

30) So Big

31) A Love Hate Thing

32) Something New

33) A Puppy is for Loving

34) The Dog Binky

35) Potty Trained

36) First Trip to the Vet

37) Worries Worries

38) To Dress or Not to Dress

39) Not Such a Notable Nose

40) Loose

41) Instincts

42) Desperately Seeking a Trainer

43) Hershey’s New Trick

44) Enhanced Pet Radar

45) There Until the End

46) Lost

47) Chew on This

48) The Fur is Flying

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