Gift Ideas for the Owner of a New Puppy

by Perfect Puppy Care

Gift Ideas

Owning a dog may not be as expensive as raising a child, but it still costs a lot of money in veterinarian bills, flea and tick control, food, treats and toys.

In many cases, the owner of a new puppy may have paid out hundreds of dollars for their new dog. Top this off with the vet bill for puppy vaccinations and worming and you have a situation that can easily break the bank. Many pet owners will be glad for any help their friends and family can give.

It is becoming quite popular to have “puppy showers” where you can introduce the family’s new canine addition to your friends.

If you are invited to a puppy shower, it is best to take a gift for the puppy. Gifts don’t have to be expensive. Truly, it is the thought that counts. An inexpensive toy can provide hours of fun for the puppy. Puppies that are busy are less likely to get into trouble. Thus, the owners benefit too.

When selecting a puppy gift, keep in mind that the owner will probably have purchased some essential items such as food and water bowls, collars and crates (if they choose to use a crate for training). Don’t let that deter you. There are many items that will make the puppy – and owner – happy.

Toys are one of the most common gifts because they are relatively easy to choose. Visit the local pet store for squeaky toys, plush toys or rope toys that the puppy can chew and shake to his heart’s delight.

A dog bed is a more expensive gift choice, but it can be the perfect gift if the puppy doesn’t already have one. If the puppy does have a bed that fits his or her size now, think big and purchase a bed that will accommodate the dog as he or she grows.

Handmade or store-bought treats are always a winning idea. There are many recipes available online. Some pet stores carry a good variety of healthy treats. Some areas also have doggie bakeries where treats of all sizes and shapes can be purchased. Some of the gourmet treats that are available for puppies will delight the owner as well as the dog.

Another good puppy gift is a name tag. Many pet stores will engrave the dog’s identification information on a metal tag while you wait. Name tags come in a variety of shapes and colors. Buy a blue bone or a red heart. You can shop for one that fits the puppy’s personality if you have already had the opportunity to meet the dog. A name tag is a gift that will last for years to come. It is also something that most new dog owners don’t think about buying right away.

Sweaters and coats make good gifts for some dogs. You will have to know the dog’s size so that you can buy one that fits. There are styles to fit almost any dog’s size and personality.

Last but not least, prepare to have fun at the puppy shower. The event just may be a lot more enjoyable than you expect.

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