How Do You Train a Dog To Fetch

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Puppy Fetch

Every dog has his game. Dogs learn about their abilities by playing. Playing a variety of games will sharpen a dog’s senses of sight and smell. Play is such an important part of a dog’s life. It stimulates the brain and keeps our furry-best friends alert and interested in their surrounding environment. Playing fetch comes easily to most dogs. Some dogs prefer fuzzy dog toys, others may prefer tennis balls. Try a variety of items to see which he may prefer when starting training and also remember to change toys. Playing fetch helps improve the quality of our dogs’ lives. Our dogs make our lives so special and playing fun games with our furry friends, increases their happiness and improves their quality of life.

With the right amount of training and patience, even the most hyperactive or laziest dog can learn to play this fun game and exercise at the same time. In fact, most dogs with a high prey drive will tend to do well in this game. Fetch is wonderful for all dog breeds, and helps overcome many of the annoying behaviors that hyperactive dogs enjoy. These dogs can learn to channel their high prey drive impulses by playing fetch.

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Playing with your dog can be as simple as playing fetch. Many dogs love to chase a ball; others get excited just by seeing a Frisbee or ball. Start by waving a ball under your dog’s nose and getting him excited. Throw the ball a few feet away and when he reaches it with his nose to sniff it out, praise him. If he brings it back to you, say, “ Good fetch!” in a high-pitched, happy tone. Sometimes dogs will bring back the ball and sit in front of you with the ball in his mouth, wanting to play again. If he runs after the ball and does not bring it back, try running in the opposite direction using the same line of encouragement when he does follow you. Many times using a long leash will help in bringing your furry-friend back to you, once he has retrieved the item. Repeat the words of encouragement and praise him again. Give him the treat when he has dropped the item in front of you. Dogs are most willing to drop the ball in exchange for the treat. Use the command “Give it!” when he drops the ball for the treat. This allows for pet parents to use two commands in one. Praise and reward him again.

This needs to be done only once or twice. Repeat this form of play every day until he picks up the ball. Any pet parent can attest to their pup being more responsive to training when a reward is offered. Dogs work harder and are more encouraged to do better if there is positive reinforcement and lots of praise for good behavior. It’s very important to use plenty of positive reinforcement that can be healthy treats, brightly colored toys and praise. Do not get your dog too excited when teaching him a new game.

Once your pooch is enjoying his new game and is in the habit of bringing back the ball, start throwing it farther away. Remove the leash if you are working with one.

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Dogs need to have fun and enjoy themselves when learning a new game. Teaching your furry-best friend to be enthusiastic will aid in the duration and success of your dog learning a new game. Enthusiasm and fun are derived from stimulating environments. Your dog can learn to dislike a favorite game by playing it too often or teaching it too fast. Understanding your dog’s body language is key to successful training. Is he tired, overstressed, fearful? Or is he having fun?

Puppies are much easier to train than adult dogs. A new furry-best friend may have a few habits that need to be changed. This may take time depending on his background. Some rescue dogs have never been off-leash or played a game of fetch. It is for these reasons that a pet parent has to take into consideration a dog’s history and prior family life. Adult dogs sometimes have to unlearn a previous behavior and replace it with a new behavior. This will take more time and more work than training a puppy.

Patience takes precedence for these dogs, who with the right amount of kindness and training will learn the basics and even enjoy playing a game of fetch. Our furry-best friends are fast learners, they can figure out what we expect from them and when we are going to give them their next treat or colorful toy.

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