Laser Surgery Neutering

by Perfect Puppy Care

Controlling unwanted canine pregnancies is a must in today’s world where large numbers of dogs have to be put to sleep due to a lack of good homes. Spaying or neutering your dog is one of the best things you can do for your four-legged canine friend if you do not plan to purposely breed the dog.

In the older traditional methods of neutering, female dogs are spayed by surgically removing the ovaries. Male dogs are neutered by surgically removing the testicles.

Laser surgery is a relatively new concept that offers several advantages over the older, traditional methods. If you are considering laser surgery for your pet, make sure the veterinarian is well trained in the safe and effective use of the laser equipment. Lasers can be dangerous if not used correctly.

The laser surgery technique uses an intense beam of light to replace the scalpel as the surgical instrument of choice. One of the benefits of using a laser to perform the neutering procedure in males and females is that the laser seals nerve endings as it cuts. This means less pain for the dog during the recovery period.

Another benefit of laser neutering is that it minimizes bleeding. The laser is less apt to crush tissue, reducing post-surgical swelling. Lasers minimize infection by vaporizing viruses and bacteria that live in the surgical area.

Dogs that undergo laser neutering procedures can often go home the same day. Dogs spayed in the traditional surgical process are usually required to remain at the veterinarian’s overnight.

While laser surgery offers several advantages, it can be more costly than the traditional neutering methods. The equipment is expensive – costing from $20,000 to $30,000, which means that the cost to perform the surgery is increased to make up for the heavy investment.

Dogs that have been neutered by laser surgery must be watched closely because there is evidence that points to the fact that tissue does not heal as quickly as it does with traditional surgery used for spaying females and castrating male dogs. Because there less pain with laser surgery, pet owners must be more vigilant during the two-week period when the dog is recovering. A dog that does not feel pain is much more apt to become too active and hurt him or herself before the healing process is complete.

Discuss both the traditional method and the laser surgical method of neutering with the dog’s veterinarian before you schedule an appointment for your pet. The doctor can help you choose the best method for your dog.

There are many advantages to spaying and neutering dogs. It can help reduce future health problems such as uterine or ovarian cancer, breast cancer, testicular cancer and prostrate problems.

Spaying animals helps to lessen the burden on shelters that are faced with finding homes for the unwanted animals that result from irresponsible dog pregnancies. Spaying helps reduce the number of canine euthanizations needed to handle unwanted animals.

Neutering dogs makes them less likely to roam in many instances. This is a big benefit because dogs that stay at home are much less likely to be hit by a car or injured because they are some place they should not be.

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