The Dog Ate It

by Perfect Puppy Care

More than one person has tried to weasel their way out of a responsibility or two by saying “the dog ate it.”

We all have heard that dogs have been blamed for eating a lot of homework, but some canines make the eating of paper look rather trivial. Consider the fact that not many dogs have been operated on to remove paper from their stomachs and intestines, but veterinarians do get calls to perform surgery to remove some rather unusual things.

Some dogs have taken the eating of unusual things to new plateaus. There have been reports of dogs eating rocks and sticks, but these things are not really all that unusual considering the fact that both are rather easy for a puppy to come by.

In one reported case, a seven-month-old Staffordshire terrier named Ozzie ate a rubber duck.

Then there was Oscar, a Shih Tzu that spotted a mackerel while on a walk. He swallowed it hook and line. Fortunately, there was no sinker.

Apache, a curious 10-year-old Husky, stole a fork from the kitchen sink and swallowed it. Let us hope there was at least a piece of steak attached to it!

A five-month-old Whippet was reported to have eaten a long, narrow fairy wand. Once operated on, Pip was reported to have a magical recovery.

More than one person has had the nasty job of sifting through dog excrement to find a diamond ring.

A Labrador retriever named Bracken swallowed a deflated soccer ball that ended up lodged near the dog’s heart. Once the ball was removed, Bracken soon returned to his mischievous self.

A basset hound named Roxy figured she needed a little iron in her diet so she ate a box of 130 nails.

Nero, a Doberman and Great Dane mix, decided to teach his owner a lesson. After being ignored, he snatched a cell phone from his master’s hand and swallowed it right down. Surgery worked and the dog is good as new, but the phone had to be put down.

And there was Bertie, a pointer and bloodhound mix that decided to have a go at golf. He swallowed nine golf balls. During surgery, a rifle bullet was also found.

One dog had quite a sweet tooth. He swallowed 15 vanilla-scented votive candles.

Other reported cases include the surgical removal of a foot-long metal hanger, sewing needles, a scrub brush, a dirty diaper, marijuana cookie, fluorescent light bulbs, a pillowcase, tent stake, box of razor blades, chop sticks, deer antlers, a whole groundhog and an aluminum can.

Fortunately, the dogs that did these things did make a full recovery, but their owners ended up with unexpected costly medical bills.

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to dogs and the things they find tasty. Be responsible and keep items that can easily be swallowed out of your dog’s reach. Be diligent and pay attention to what your dog is doing. A bored dog can be something to reckon with.

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