Top Seven Teething Remedies

by Perfect Puppy Care

Puppy Chewing

Teething puppies can be a big source of frustration to their owners. There is a feeling of helplessness as one watches a cute furry puppy try to ease the discomfort in his or her gums.

Since teething brings out a puppy’s natural instinct to chew, owners must be much more vigilant when it comes to picking up around the house during this phase of the dog’s life.

Anything within the puppy’s reach becomes fair game in his or her mind. They have one thing on their mind and that is the pain they feel in their mouth as the adult teeth try to push their way through the tender gums.

There are a few things you can do to minimize your puppy’s suffering. The following list is a good place to start.

1. Ice cubes can provide a great deal of relief to teething puppies. Encourage the puppy to chew on the ice. The coolness is very soothing to sore gums and the ice is a helpful source of hydration. If your puppy doesn’t care for ice cubes, try freezing beef or chicken broth in ice cube trays. Few puppies will turn their nose up at this meaty flavor.

2. There is a wide variety of puppy teething toys, including a variety of Kong products developed specifically for teething canines, available in pet stores. Some toys are made to be frozen so that the coolness soothes troubled gums. Other toys are designed to be filled with treats such as peanut butter. Both provide relief from teething pain.

3. If money is an object, you can use your puppy’s favorite toys. Try freezing one or two at a time. Give the puppy one to chew on when he or she shows signs of teething discomfort. When one toys warms up, return it to the freezer and grab the other frozen on.

4. Rolling a washcloth into a stick-shaped object is a good free means of teething relief for your puppy. Tie knots in the rolled washcloth and wet it. Place the rolled cloth in the freezer and give it to the puppy when gum pain relief is needed. You can also soak the washcloth in broth to make it more attractive to the puppy. Socks can also be used, but be sure that you knot them so the puppy doesn’t suddenly think it is okay to chew on your socks.

5. Try massaging the puppy’s gums with your fingers. Get the puppy to relax by petting and soothing him or her. Next, gently open the puppy’s mouth and use your fingers to rub the gums. This helps “open” the gums so that the baby teeth fall out and it also helps the adult teeth to easily poke through the gums.

6. Frozen vegetables are an inexpensive means of providing comfort from teething pain. Freeze fresh vegetables that you know your puppy likes. Serve one up when your puppy shows distress from sore gums.

7. A natural remedy is to add lavender or chamomile oil to water and freeze it in ice cube trays. The oils will have a calming effect on the puppy’s sore gums. Chamomile tea that has been frozen is also good.

If you cannot be with a teething puppy, it can be a good idea to confine the dog in an area where he or she cannot access household items to chew. Vigilance is extremely important during a puppy’s teething phase.


  1. Steven Behm says:

    Thanks for tips 2day ago we found a tooth my dog has been bleeding in mouth we know she is in pain thanks again

  2. Sasha says:

    Thanks so much for the teething advice, Bella has struggled with her teeth coming through, she has always loved frozen peas and ice cubes so it keeps her entertained for ages and she feels she is being treated!!!
    Thanks again!

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