Types of Water to Give Your Puppy

by Perfect Puppy Care

Water Drop

Puppies need lots of fresh drinking water to help maintain good health. Canines are similar to humans in that most of their bodies are made up of water. An adult dog’s body actually contains about 60 percent water.

Clean water is vital in that it helps rid the kidneys of toxins, promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, keeps organs functioning in a healthy manner and helps to balance electrolytes.

Dogs that do not drink enough water will suffer from dehydration, a condition that can actually be fatal.

Puppies need clean water to insure their health. Be sure to supply fresh water every day. It is also important that you make sure the water dish is cleaned daily to prevent things such as algae and bacteria growth, food bits, dirt and dust from accumulating.

It is best to use stainless steel, stoneware or high-end plastic bowls for water. These tend to be less likely to grow bacteria and they are easiest to clean.

Some veterinarians recommend drinking fountains that supply a continuous stream of fresh water. These work very well with puppies and adult dogs that drink a lot of water. However, you should still give your puppy a bowl of water.

Tap water is fine to use if it is not chlorinated or treated with salt to soften the water. There are water filters that can remove a lot of the unwanted chemicals. Be sure to buy a good filtering system if you will be using tap water.

If your tap water is unsuitable even after filtering, you can use bottled spring or distilled water. However, do not freeze plastic bottles filled with water. Harmful chemicals can leach from the bottle into the water. Many of these chemicals are known to cause cancer.

It’s best to not let your puppy drink from toilets for obvious reasons.

Don’t allow your puppy to drink from water puddles. In addition to the icky, muddy water, there can be dangerous substances such as oil, fuel and antifreeze.

When visiting dog parks or areas where other dogs frequent, take your own water bowl for the puppy. Communal bowls make a great host for bacteria and viruses that can prove to be harmful to your puppy’s health.

How much water should your dog drink? The size of the dog is a big factor when answering this question. Some experts recommend that a dog drink about one ounce of water for each pound of body weight. Do note that this is only an estimate. Some dogs naturally drink more than others. Just be sure to always provide your puppy with plenty of fresh water.

Hot weather will cause your puppy to drink more water than usual. In fact, he or she may require up to four times more water in hot weather. Keep a bowl of water both indoors and outdoors during the periods of hot weather.

Be sure that the puppy’s water bowl does not freeze in cold weather. A bowl of ice will do little good.

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