What To Do for a Sick Puppy?

by Perfect Puppy Care

Sick Puppy

We love our dogs and will do anything for them. So when they’re ill or feeling the blues, we take them to the veterinarian, cook special meals and snuggle up with a good book right next to them.

Dogs with illnesses include those suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, kidney failure, digestive problems, separation anxiety and depression. As a pet parent it is important to understand the underlying causes for any illnesses, as this will help you to make certain changes to your dog’s lifestyle and of course to make smarter choices.

Dogs feel pain the same way that we do. Dog and human pain pathways are almost identical and dogs will try to escape from even the smallest amount of pain stimulus. When your pup suffers from an injury, there is an increase in heart rate and blood pressure and many biochemical changes start taking place. This is all geared towards immediate self-protection.

The most common sign of pain in puppies is a change of behavior. Pet parents need to recognize behavior changes that result either from illness or from chronic pain. Recognizing your pup’s change in appetite, activity and attitude is important. This necessitates a visit to your veterinarian for a basic workup.

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Sometimes canine depression is brought on by illness. Make sure that your puppy has regular visits to the veterinarian. Brain chemistry can also be affected by your pup’s sense of smell. Certain odors will improve his mood by changing your pup’s brain chemistry so that it produces proteins, making your furry-best friend feel good. Lavender can be used to induce relaxation in anxious or depressed dogs. Keep in mind that canine depression does not only happen to humans. It can be quite serious in puppies and mature dogs too.

As long as we recognize the symptoms, certain effective changes can be made to combat this.

If your puppy is feeling depressed and this depression does not stem from illness but perhaps from a change in the household, loss of a companion, new pet sitter or neglect, then this one’s a no-brainer.

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Every pup deserves that special attention, trips to the dog beach, going to Starbucks and just simply hanging out with you.

Tests have revealed that behavioral reactions in a small child and canine are similar. Taking your puppy to the vet in this case can help ease depression and getting an anti-depressant such as doggie Prozac, which comes in the form of a beefy chewable. Aromatherapy is another great option with the most favorable trend today being a combination of exercise and aromatherapy.

Cooking home cooked meals and hand feeding your sick puppy his favorite meal works wonders. With Bach or Handel playing in the background, sit next to him and try a tad of freshly cooked salmon, broccoli and brown rice. Be what your puppy needs, a calm loving pet parent. Not gloomy or frenetic, but gentle and calming.

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Every puppy, no matter the breed, size, and age will get sick. Research indicates that one in two dogs will be affected with cancer. Canine cancer is not necessarily a death sentence, but can be overwhelming. Many things can be done to help. Natural diets are a great way to keep your puppies healthy, intelligent and well fed. Raw food diets are also becoming increasingly popular today and many pet parents are making sure that their furry-best friends are getting plenty of fruits and vegetables. Because dog food is super heated, the food ingredients have the potential to change genes. Sodium nitrate turns into potent carcinogens as well as the fish meal often found in dog food. So many pet foods and treats have the possibility of actually making your puppy sicker. Try to avoid the cheaper pet foods especially when your puppy is ill.

As a pet parent one vital thing you can always do is feed your sick puppy a diet that will provide it with the nutritional weapons needed to fight any illness. Of course, sometimes even the healthiest of puppies will get sick, even with great preventative care. Nonetheless, to minimize the chances of your puppy getting ill consider taking a holistic approach. A combination of conventional medicine and holistic approaches works.

Sometimes only conventional medicine is what is needed for a sick puppy. Perhaps at another time, a holistic approach is what the pup may need. Herbal remedies are much slower acting, but often times a combination of herbal remedies and a lifestyle change, such as more exercise time with your furry -best friend will make him feel better.

Perhaps a visit to the local Wholefoods will inspire new possibilities for supplementing your entire family-canine and all furry-best friends included, with great ideas for health and wellness.

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