Why do Dogs get Excited After a Bath?

by Perfect Puppy Care

Dog Bath

Sometimes after a bath, dogs get very excited, running around endlessly. Many dog owners find this behavior amusing, while other dog owners find it annoying when the dogs end up rolling around in something. This is especially true if the dog has a tendency to try to get outside and trying to roll around in dirt right after they’ve been cleaned. So why do dogs do this? Why is their energy so high after a bath?

One of the most common theories about why dogs get so much more energy after they take a bath is that they are trying to dry themselves off. This is more common with a dog that simply runs around after a bath rather than the dog that rolls around after a bath. Their activity is in hopes that it will dry their coats. Shaking themselves starts the process and the running around is meant to finish it.

This is a logical reasoning, similar to humans who often let their hair get dried by the wind or the air. So the idea that dogs will shake themselves off and then run around in order to dry themselves off is not altogether surprising. It does effectively dry their fur off pretty well, but this isn’t the only theory.

Another reason that people believe that dogs get a lot of energy after a bath is that they are simply enjoying themselves. Like humans, dogs enjoy the clean feeling that comes with a bath. They are active and running around simply because they want to. They are enjoying the clean feeling and celebrating that feeling.

Even if it isn’t for the clean feeling, many dogs enjoy water and spending time in water, especially if it involves spending time with people they love. This is more common for water dogs who were bred to enjoy the water and will often times be the first to run to the river or lake when they see one. Following this logic, taking a bath is a time when they get to spend with you in the water, getting attention and getting cleaned.

For the dogs that seek to roll around in dirt shortly after a bath, the theory is that they do not like the smell of the perfumes and shampoos that you put on them during the bath. The smell of the perfumes annoys their nose and so they roll in the dirt to cover the smell up. All of their running around and rolling around is simply them trying to get rid of the smell.

Dogs have a better sense of smell than humans, and despite that the perfumes and shampoos that we bathe the dogs in smells good to us, it may not have the same pleasant scent to them. The scent may agitate their sense of smell by being too strong or the specific smell is not as appealing. Like some people do not like the scents of certain flowers, the same can be said of dogs.

So when your dog is running around after a bath, whether it is because they are looking to dry themselves or they are looking to improve their smell, it varies depending on the dog. Some dogs may be interested in baths, while other may find the experience boring, and even a few of them may react more like cats and dislike the bathing experience all together.

No matter the reason, it can be enjoyable to watch them run around after a bath while it can also be rather annoying when they decide to roll in the dirt immediately afterwards. Either way, it is something that has no specific reasoning beyond individual preferences.

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