Why Does a Dog’s Nose Turn Color?

by Perfect Puppy Care

Dog Nose Turn Color

Genetic factors generally determine the color of a dog’s nose. Depending on the breed, a dog’s nose may be black, brown, pink or liver-colored. In some breeds, the nose color may even be the same color as the dog’s coat.

It is really not all that unusual for a dog’s nose to change color. In many cases, it is simply part of the aging process, but a color change can also indicate a medical problem. If you notice an abrupt color change, it is a good idea to have the dog checked by his or her veterinarian to ensure that the change is not an indication of a health issue.

The terms “snow nose” or “winter nose” are used to describe a fading nose. It is so named because the color change from black to pink or white occurs during the winter months, changing back to the original color once the summer season arrives. This phenomenon is common among Labrador and golden retrievers, Bernese mountain dogs, German shepherds and Siberian huskies.

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